Thursday, January 13, 2011

Working With an Architect: What to Expect - Phase 4 of 6

Phase 4: Construction Documents
Samples of Construction Documents for a Home Addition

Goals of the Phase:  Prepare the Construction Documents, which clearly indicate the entire project through graphics and text.  (Commonly known as blue prints.) 
These documents can serve three major purposes: 
1.   Submit for a building permit
2.   Get competitive bids from contractors
3.   Instruct the contractor what to build.

Fee breakdown:  25-35% of total fee (typically represents the largest percentage of fee)

Services May Include:
· Site Plan, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Demolition Plans, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Building Elevations, Interior Elevations, Building Sections, Wall Sections, Details, Door and Window Schedules, Door Hardware Schedule, Interior Finish Schedule
· General Notes and Specifications
· Structural Calculations
· Review and Incorporate drawings from Engineers
· Review and Incorporate drawings from Consultants
· Revised 3-D Models
· Revised Cost Estimate
· Complete LEED Documentation (if applicable)

Phase Is Typically Completed When:
The construction documents are completed and signed by the Architect.  There will typically be periodic reviews of the construction documents by the owner throughout this phase.

Missed phase three?  Read last week's post HERE to catch yourself up!  Check back next week for information on Phase 5:  Bidding & Permitting!

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